PSL Handler Update System

The PSL Handler Update System is designed to replace the original server hosted by Radionics Inc to update handlers in the D5200 programmer.

This system operates just like the original, and is open for alarm technicians to use for updating the handlers in their programmers. Please note that downloading handlers from this server takes longer than the original one did. We did not have access to the original server at the time that we had reversed the protocol, so we are not able to transfer the handlers without the database being included in them. This does not affect the operation of the handler, it only makes it take longer to download the handler from the server.

To download a handler to your programmer, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the TELCO jack on your D5200 programmer to an analog phone line (VoIP lines may not work reliably as their compression does not handle modem connections very well)
  2. From the main menu on the programmer, scroll to the UPDATE option and press ENTER GROUP
  3. Under the "HandName" field, enter the name of the handler you wish to download and press ENTER
  4. Under the "Include Help" field, use SPACE to scroll to "No" and press ENTER
  5. Under the "Phone" field, enter "13044517092" and press ENTER twice
  6. Under the "Mode" field, use SPACE to scroll to "TELCO->A" (or "TELCO->B" for downloading to a RAM card) and press ENTER

The programmer will now pick up the phone line and use pulse dialing to call the handler update system. After the download process has been completed the programmer will display "UPDATE SUCCESSFUL" and you will have the new handler available for use. If the call does not go through the first time, try again in a little while, the server can currently only answer one call at a time.

If your programmer displays "HANDLER NOT FOUND" when trying to download a handler, first make sure that the handler name is typed properly, and the handler is listed in the available handlers below. If those are both correct, use the "DELETE" menu to delete the handler (even if it's not showing in the list) and then try the update again. Sometimes this process needs to be done if the handler was previously on the programmer, or was corrupted.

Radionics Handlers:

Handler Name Size (Blocks) Version Source
9000MAIN 292 01.15 Brian Mulka
RADXPNTS 131 01.04 Alarmco, Inc
RADXUSR1 147 01.03 Alarmco, Inc
RADXUSR2 147 01.02 Alarmco, Inc
RADXSKED 188 01.02 Brian Mulka
RADXAXS 100 01.04 Brian Mulka
RADXAUX1 116 01.06 Brian Mulka
GV2MAIN 308 01.04 Norb Friedrich
GV2AUX 122 01.03 Norb Friedrich
6500 99 01.41 Norb Friedrich
636 59 01.00 Brian Mulka
2071 59 01.00 Brian Mulka
2012 179 01.04 Alarmco, Inc
2112 131 01.30 Brian Mulka
2212 171 01.30 Alarmco, Inc
4112 91 04.50 Brian Mulka
6112 107 02.10 Norb Friedrich
7112 195 02.00 Brian Mulka
8112 371 02.60 Brian Mulka
7212B 291 02.00 Brian Mulka
9112B 299 02.00 Brian Mulka

Honeywell Handlers:

Handler Name Size (Blocks) Version Source
5501 100 01.40 Norb Friedrich
5503 107 01.20 Norb Friedrich
5505 283 01.00 Norb Friedrich
5600 171 00.04 Norb Friedrich
5700 212 03.00 Norb Friedrich
5800B 363 01.00 Norb Friedrich
5900B 356 01.00 Norb Friedrich
5900MAIN 284 01.25 Norb Friedrich
ACCESS 100 01.04 Norb Friedrich
POINTS 156 01.05 Norb Friedrich
SKEDS 180 01.18 Norb Friedrich
USERS1 188 01.01 Norb Friedrich
USERS2 187 01.07 Norb Friedrich

If you have any questions or experience any issues trying to use the system, please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can. We are still looking for the "C601" and "3071" handlers, if you have either of those or any others that aren't listed above, please reach out so we can transfer them and get them added. Thank you!