ProtoStar Alarm Monitoring


ProtoStar Alarm Monitoring is a small group of alarm enthusiasts working to provide a central station to the security and fire alarm community completely free of charge. We are dedicating the time and equipment so that enthusiasts can easily utilize the dialers in their panels and have events reported to them over Discord. Our main goals are to support every system, no matter how old or obscure, and to teach others how central stations work.

What is needed to get a panel to report?

All that you need to have your panel monitored by us is to be an alarm enthusiast, have an active Discord account, and have a way for the panel to communicate with our system. This can be done over a traditional landline or VoIP line, or over a dedicated ATA connected to our phone network. An ATA is a device that emulates a traditional analog telephone line over the internet, we will provide the required registration details to get an ATA connected to our phone network. If you are a user of NPSTN or TandMX, your panel can communicate with us over those networks as well. We also are able to accept reports from compatible Radionics and Bosch systems over IP directly. Support for other forms of IP/GSM based reporting is still under development.

When your panel needs to send a report, it will call our system and transmit the event details. Our system then processes the report, converts it to easily readable text, and sends the data to our Discord server. For standard reports like periodic tests, openings, closings, and such, the report is just logged in the channel and can be viewed at any time. For alarms, troubles, supervisories, and other significant events, the user will be pinged in the channel and get a notification. Eventually we will support notification by email, text messages, and voice calls, but for now it is sent over Discord only.

Which types of panels are supported?

We can receive reports from most panels that report over a telephone line, including but not limited to Ademco, DSC, DMP, Radionics/Bosch, Napco, ITI/Interlogix, Silent Knight, Fire Lite, Simplex, and Notifier. We support all the industry standard reporting formats, including Contact ID, SIA, Radionics Modem II and IIIa2, Ademco Express, 4+2, 3+1, and many many more. In the unlikely event that your panel does not support any of the formats we can take, we will be impressed, and then work to support it as soon as possible. If you are confused as to which format to use, how to setup the reporting codes, or generally how to program it, we are available to walk you through the setup.

Key features that we provide:

We are adding new things on a regular basis and are always open to requests, but here's a list of a few features we currently have:

How do I get started?

Before you join, just keep in mind we are doing this for educational purposes, we are not a real UL listed central station. We will not dispatch the authorities upon an alarm, if you are looking for monitoring for a system installed for real life safety, this isn't the place. With that out of the way, go ahead and join our Discord server below, we will assign you an account number and help you get started. Thank you for helping our community grow!

For additional information, send a message to KJ7BZC#6500 (@8112) on Discord, or send us an email at