Radionics, Inc Preservation

ProtoStar Laboratories is dedicated to preserving the history of Radionics, Inc. Our goal is to provide resources to technicians servicing their systems and keep the advancements they made to the fire and security industry from being forgotten. We are looking to archive as much information as possible, whether it be documentation, software, or physical hardware. If you have anything you would like to provide, or have any questions, please contact us.

Handler Update System

We have reverse engineered the D5200 programmer's file transfer protocol to the point where we were able to recreate the handler update system. All the standard handlers apart from 3071 and C601 have been archived to files and no longer are relying on preservation in programmer memory. The handler server is available at (304)451-7092, for more information and a complete list of the archived handlers, see the PSL Handler Update System.

Radionics Inc Website

Thanks to The Wayback Machine we are able to view the old Radionics websites. We were able to register their original domain and host their 1999 site with all of its pages for historical purposes. We are planning to archive older verions of the site as well, but it will take some time before that becomes available. There is still a lot of documents that need to be located, along with other things like RADXonCD, however most of the site is functional. Check it out at

D5100 Handlers

The D5100 barcode sheets for the 4112, 6112, and 8112 handlers have been scanned in. Some may need to be repaired before they are functional, however the PDFs can be downloaded here.